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Scatter your ashes into space

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We are all made of stardust

How do you want to be remembered? How do you celebrate a departed loved one who spent their life exploring and adventuring? We are all made of stardust. So, when the time comes, why not let our dust return to the stars? Aura Flights' unique space burial service launches the ashes to the edge of space and releases them to travel the world on a breath taking final journey.

Created by the world’s leading Near Space flight experts and accredited by the British Institute of Funeral Directors. Our flight system carries the ashes to the edge of space and scatters them in a gentle cascade using our unique, purpose-designed scattering device. The ascent and moment of release can even be captured on video and made into a beautiful memorial film for you to treasure and share.

How it works

We use lighter-than-air gas balloons to carry your loved one’s ashes over 30km above the planet’s surface, to the region known as Near Space.  In this serene and beautiful environment, our intelligent scatter vessel opens, allowing the ashes to pour out in a gentle cascade.

Our dual camera pods film the moment of release from multiple angles. From here, they are carried around the world on stratospheric winds, encircling the globe and joining with the Earth’s atmosphere over the following weeks and months before finally returning to Earth in raindrops and snowflakes.

While the route taken by the balloon is determined by stratospheric wind conditions on the day, we use cutting-edge computer simulations and weather data collected from over 100 sources across the globe to predict the flight path to within a few hundred metres, allowing us to conduct our launches safely and with confidence.

Our equipment and launch process have been developed and perfected by the Near Space experts at Sent Into Space. They have been conducting flights for the last decade, with over 500 balloons launched and a 100% recovery record.


Lighter-than-air gas balloons


Dual camera pods film the release


Predicted flight path


Over 30km above the planet’s surface


Return in raindrops and snowflakes


100% recovery record

Aura Packages

Any of the following packages can be added to your Pride Practical™, Pride Simplified™, Pride Essential™ and Pride Plus™ funeral plan


Voyager Package


The Voyager package allows you to commemorate your loved one’s passion for space while keeping them close. We launch a ceremonial portion of the ashes on one of our monthly shared flights. The ashes are then transferred into a premium miniature urn and returned to you.


A perfect affordable option for every family.


Memorial Launch


The Memorial Launch is conducted from our dedicated site in the countryside outside Sheffield, UK. Our flight system carries the ashes into space and films their release with our bespoke scatter mechanism. After the launch is complete, we’ll put together a beautiful memorial video incorporating music of your choice and any images, video or messages you want to include.


It’s a quiet park with beautiful views out over the city and the local landscape, easily accessible by car or by public transport and able to accommodate as many guests as you wish to invite.


Personal Launch


When we say goodbye to someone setting off on a journey, the place where we part ways can have a special significance. Our Personal Launch package gives you the freedom to pick where we launch, choosing a site which says something about your loved one.


The Personal Launch includes all the features of the Memorial Launch, including the memorial video.

Behind the scenes